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UK Agility Show Cancellation Policy

A decision by a Show Manager to cancel must be taken in conjunction with UK Agility and for cancellation to take place both parties must agree that it is impossible to run the show in a safe and sensible manner. Cancellations must be made in a time frame that takes into consideration the current conditions and how they will affect the show. For example, a show cannot cancel two weeks before an event because there is currently snow on the ground. Cancelling a show 2 days before due to snow being on the ground, is an acceptable time frame. Cancelling a show 2 weeks before the event due to the riding school you are using being blown up in a gas explosion is a valid reason to cancel. Cancellation should be based on ACTUAL conditions and not possible conditions.

UK Agility will work with show managers to announce the cancellation, work out show accounts and refunds available to competitors. At the time of cancellation all costs incurred by a show manager for the show will be deducted from the total income. This net profit will be then divided by the number of runs to calculate the refund per run available. Camping income will be treated in the same way. These accounts will then be made available on the UKA web page.

Show managers will be responsible for refunding the money owed to their entrants. Entrants will be asked to send an SAE to the show managers’ address and the show manager will be responsible to pay the refunds to competitors.

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