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The UK Agility Grand Finals and Heat Rules

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  • Once a dog has qualified to compete at a particular final with a handler it will be unable to qualify again for that specific final with another handler.
  • If a dog is measured into a higher height category after Qualifying for an event in a lower height they will be moved into the higher height category. If a handler is found to have run in the wrong height or been ineligible due to not following UKA measurement rules they will be removed from the event.
  • If a measurement is due on the day of the heat (1st measure or over 2 measure) then this must be carried out before they run in the qualifier. If it is not and they are in the wrong height they will be removed from the event.
  • All events at The Grand Finals are invitation events. All handlers will be required to purchase and wear official clothing whilst competing. This must be collected at the event and will not be forwarded after the event.
  • Handlers must have checked in within 30 minutes of the check in time. If they have not checked in by then they will be unable to run. At the Grand Finals all paperwork is produced on the day hence the inclusion of this rule.
  • Where a handler is running 2 dogs drawn close together the first dog will be moved up the running order to obtain 2 dogs between the handlers dogs. If this is not possible the handler will be given a 3 minute break between dogs. A handler may state at check in, that they do not want their running order changed so they maintain the running order advantage. If this is the case a 2 minute break will be given. Time starts as the first dog crosses the finish line and stops as they enter the ring.
  • Eliminations at heats will not qualify for the Grand Finals. Eliminations in semi finals will not progress to the final of any event.

Heat Judging Rules

If an event heat has been scheduled and is run after all other classes on the day have finished, the competition judges from that day who have completed their judging appointment may compete in this event.

UKA Baton Rules

The judge shall designate an area for a baton exchange between handlers. The next dog and handler to run for the team/pair will wait in this area for their turn to run. The baton exchange must happen with both handlers and their dogs within the boundaries of the designated exchange box. The baton must exchange hands without being dropped or thrown before the next handler and dog to run can move out of the exchange area to begin their course. Dogs and handlers do not need to remain in the exchange box once the baton has been passed. The baton must remain within the exchange box at all times and the returning handler must hold the baton for 5 (five) seconds to be considered a successful exchange. A faulted baton change is 10 faults. The handler waiting in the exchange area can hold or restrain his or her dog in anyway, providing it is not deemed abusive or harsh by the judge. Dogs may be placed on leads before and after their runs while other team/pair members are running. However, a lead must not be on the dog at the time of the baton exchange. An elimination will be incurred if another team/pair members dog runs into the course area during another members run. At the discretion of the judge they may appoint someone to judge the exchange box. If a box judge is appointed they will be deemed as an event judge and therefore must comply to all judging rules.

Bitches in Season at Grand Finals

Bitches in season will be able to compete at the Grand Finals 2016. This must be declared at check in and if possible please notify the office before. These dogs will be removed from the running order and will run last in their height. If there are multiple dogs in season then they will run in the order they were drawn originally. We would ask all handlers with bitches in season to respect other competitors by keeping their dogs away from the competition area when they are not actually competing.

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