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UK Agility has introduced an "Approved Judges Assessment". UK Agility judges must have passed the judges assessment.

The assessment is free and can be completed in the persons own time. It is a multiple choice test and UKA encourage judges and potential judges to use the rule book whilst completing the assessment. The goals of this assessment is to ensure all UK Agility judges know the UK Agility rules. It is also to make sure they have read them thoroughly and understand some of the key differences between UKA and other organisations. Judges must score a minimum of 46 out of 48 to pass. If this number is not achieved they will be informed of the questions they have got wrong and can resubmit these answers.

UKA judging courses are available through Derbyshire Agility Centre. For further information on these courses please contact Kim Hunt kim@kimhunt.co.uk

To download the 2017 judging assessment in Word format please click here

To download the 2017 judging assessment in PDF format please click here

To download the latest published list of approved judges please click here. They are listed in alphabetical order and below that listed county of residence.

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