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Why UKA?

Below are some reasons why you might want to compete at a UK Agility show.
  • 2 programs for progression through points, competing against your peers
  • All dogs start at Beginner level, allowing all young or inexperienced dogs to begin with nice flowing courses
  • Nursery and casual classes for young, new, older or recovering dog
  • ‘Not For Competition’ runs allows training in the ring environment with the ability to reward your dog with a toy.
  • Four, fairer and more suitable jump heights
  • Toy, Midi and Standard dogs jump lower heights than at KC, with the difference between each height at a much more even spread.
  • Course plans checked to ensure levels are standardized and suitable
  • Our standardised method of course measuring gives suitable course times for each level.
  • Standardisation of equipment rules including only rubber contacts
  • No stride discrimination with no judging of up contacts
  • The inclusion of games classes allows handlers a variety of runs to test themselves against
  • Most UKA shows offer every level and height of dog 4-5 runs per day
  • ‘Try Before You Buy’ membership
  • Pay on the day entries accepted
  • If you wish to pre-enter our processing time is much shorter, meaning a later commitment point to shows for competitors
  • A £6 Dog registration includes all measuring, online entries and results for life
  • Transfer your dog to UKA based on its current KC grade.
  • Next day move up rules means no waiting to continue with progression through the levels
  • Even with smaller classes there is a high ratio of rosettes to placings to mark your dogs achievement.
  • UKA Grand Finals has the opportunity for all levels and heights to qualify
  • Aim to compete internationally with WAO team qualification through the Masters Series
  • A friendly show environment
  • All rule changes at UK Agility are made with the good of the dog, competitor and the sport in mind
  • Run for agility competitors by agility competitors

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