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UK Agility FAQs

From entries to measuring, from rules to running your own show, our FAQs should tell you all you need to know. If they don’t, please contact us.

Our most frequently asked questions:


You can register with UKA by post or online. Registration online has a 50% discount. Please click the red “Login” right at the top of this page.

Online Registration is:

  • £6 per dog for its lifetime membership
  • £6 per handler for a 5 year membership

This includes ALL of your dog’s measurements and its records are kept by UK Agility
If you wish to register by post please send an email to to receive a registration form.

All handlers and owners must be registered with UKA in order to compete in any UK Agility event. Your registration allocates you a number which allows both yourself and UKA to track your dogs results.

All The UKA Agility rules can be viewed online for free giving all members the opportunity to become knowledgeable of our rules and regulations.

Record books will also be available to purchase at shows and are for your records only. These are not compulsory as your dog’s measurement will be recorded by UKA and all results will be available online. Measuring is part of your dogs registration fee so will cost you nothing.

When you register or enter online you will have the option to pay by BACS or by card.

UKA will allow dogs who are already competing under The Kennel Club system to transfer to an equivalent level in UKA as follows:

Kennel Club Levels UKA Performance Programme UKA Steeplechase Programme
Grade 1, 2, 3 Beginners SC Beginners
Grade 4, 5 Novice SC Novice
Grade 6, 7 Senior SC Senior
KC CC or RCC winner Champion SC Champion

Once a dog is registered with UK Agility, results from other organisations do not count towards progression through the levels in UK Agility. Once a dog is registered with UK Agility, it cannot be registered again under a different name.

Entering a Show

You can enter all shows online via the UK Agility web page.

Once you are logged in, click on Shows in the top menu to see all shows. Then click on the show name, select which dog, select the dogs heights (please make sure you choose a height for the events you are entering) and tick the classes you wish to run. Additionally you can choose camping if available and select if you are able to help.

Click the “I Agree” button to complete the entry. For payment details please see the payment page in the left hand margin.

You can preset yours and your dogs preferences for shows to save time when you enter.  To do this click on Preferences in the top menu when you have logged into your account.

All shows can be entered by post. All schedules are available on the “Show” page. Entry form and payment is sent to the UK Agility office.

Most shows take late entries on the day. There is a slightly higher cost for the privilege of entering on the day. When you arrive at the show you must go to the secretaries tent and let them know that you wish to purchase late entries.  You and your dog must be already registered to do this.

All handlers will be able to download a ring plan online prior to the show.  If you have paid for postage a ring plan will be sent to you.

All handlers that pay for postage will have their running orders posted to them. Included with the running order will be a daily ring plan showing the order and number of dogs in each class. A confirmation letter is sent as well which gives specific details regarding the show such as directions and heats available as well as including general UK Agility information to help you throughout the day.

Although the majority of shows do take late entries, it is always worthwhile checking before you travel to the event.

If a show has unlimited capping stated on the show schedule then late entries will be taken. If the show has a capping level then please either email the office or check the UK Agility Facebook page. The late entry price will be stated in the show schedule.


Those that want to run at 500mm, 400mm, 300mm or 250mm must have an official UK Agility measurement at or before their first competition.

Any dog running at 600mm height does not need to be measured. To receive a permanent jump height measurement, dogs must be either competing at the 600mm jump height, or must be over 2 years of age.

Your dog must be at least 15 months of age.

You may always jump higher than your dog’s measured height.

If you change height in either direction your results still stand.

Competitors should enter the class they believe their dog is eligible for. Once at the show the dog should be measured at the first available opportunity.

To measure your dog a UKA official measurer will have the dog placed in a standing position on a flat surface such as a table. The measurement is taken from the perpendicular line from the top of the dog’s withers to the flat surface.

You will be able to transfer to the correct class, if you have entered under the wrong jump height.

Running a UKA Show

If you are interested in running a UKA show please contact us directly at

UKA offers a complete show management system that will assist you with all aspects of the arranging and running of your show.

In addition, UKA provides backing, support and advice from an experienced team through all stages of planning, running and post-event tasks. Please visit this page for more details.

No. The kennel club press release of Monday 15th September 2003 stated:

The Kennel Club wishes to make it clear that it is ultimately a matter of choice as to whether an Individual wishes to participate in an unlicensed agility event. The Kennel Club also wishes to confirm that participation in any capacity at such an agility event will not result in any sanction being imposed by the Kennel Club. 

Yes all UKA shows are fully insured by UKA.

General Rules

UKA has decided on 5 jump heights to more evenly split the numbers of the agility population. We believe all dogs should be able to compete against dogs of more similar sizes.

These jump height divisions create the opportunity for more dogs to be able to participate in the sport by making it fairer for the different breeds.

UKA has addressed competitors’ opinions regarding the up contact. It is felt by many that the judging of the up contact is nothing less than stride discrimination.

There is also concern that for certain breeds; having to break stride pattern to ensure getting the up contact, could cause impact injuries.

You must notify the person in charge of the scribe sheets that you will be running not for competition (NFC). If you do not state NFC prior to your run and the judge deems you to be training in the ring you will be eliminated.

If you repeat a piece of equipment and the judge deems this was done with training in mind, you will be dismissed from the ring.

No food or audible training aids or audible toys will be allowed in a competition ring. All other toys may be used but consideration should be taken not to distract other competitors in other rings.

From January 1st 2013 only rubber contacts are allowed at UK Agility events.

UKA is a customer service based organisation and therefore encourages feedback from its customers. Rules will be changed in keeping with our mission statement.

Any rule that is amended in relation to safety or at the discretion of UKA can be brought into immediate effect. Other rule changes will be implemented on the publication of the new rule book.

Programmes & Height Divisions

To meet the needs of all dogs and the competitive interests of all handlers.

Our Performance Programme was developed to challenge the dog and handler in every aspect of agility. This Programme includes agility, jumping and games classes.

Our Steeplechase Programme was developed to allow for a fun and fast-paced event that aims to bring more fun and excitement back into the sport.


The games are designed to bring back the fun of a tactical class back into agility. These classes also help to encourage new skills and bring new challenges to the sport.

From listening to competitors from other countries it is apparent that once the games are understood they become a favourite class.

You must compete at the new level the next competing day at that show if there are any competing days left or if not at your next UKA show.

If you have pre-entered a show and the closing date has passed you will need to go to the secretary’s tent at the show and tell them you have moved up.

The casual class is designed for the new dog, dog recovering from injury, or older dog where the handler would like to run the dog in the competition environment. This class will award clear round rosettes. Results will not be recorded by UKA, thus it is not for progression and titles.

Casual classes will run both jumping and agility and shall follow the same rules as standard agility and jumping classes, however it allows the dog to jump one jump height lower than their competition height and the A-frame will be set lower too.

The courses will not include spread jumps, long jumps or tyres. Weave poles may or may not be included in the casual jumping class.

The Nursery class is designed for the beginner handler and/or beginner dog that may need some ring experience by being offered a smooth flowing course without the seesaw, tyre, spread jump or weave poles.

The A-frame will be set at 1.60m, and it allows the dog to jump any height except 600mm. Clear round rosettes are awarded, but no placement awards.

Results will not be recorded by UKA, thus it is not for progression and titles. Dogs must be at least 16 months of age to enter this class.

The idea of the class is to expose the younger dog to the competition environment. By removing the more difficult equipment and lowering the jump heights and A-frame, the handler and dog may have an easier transition from the training environment to the competition ring.

It is recognised by veterinarians consulted, that the growth plates of the majority of breeds of dogs are fully closed by 14 months of age.

All dogs progression results (clear rounds or top four placed clear rounds) will appear on your results page online.

You must be logged in too see these results under “My Results” in the left hand margin. It is your responsibility to contact the UKA office within 6 weeks if you believe the official online results are incorrect.

When you win a title your dog will have the initials placed after their registered name. UKA will issue the relevant certificate for each achievement gained. You must notify the UKA office of any title gained. Titles are available in both programmes.

UKA Nationals is a week long show in the summer with the chance to compete in the National finals and the Grand Finals runs at the end of the year.

The Grand Finals is held at the end of the competition year and has 9 finals, catering for all levels, over the weekend. Throughout the year at UK Agility shows there are many qualification heats for these different finals.

The Grand Finals is an event dedicated to the sport of agility, showcasing the very best in Great Britain. With spectators and live streaming we guarantee this is an event you will want to qualify for.

For further information click here.

For specific qualification heat information click here.

Results and progression are based on the dog only. Once a dog graduates from Beginners in the Steeplechase Programme or earns 24 points in the Performance Programme, (12 being in Agility) they can no longer enter the dog into Beginners level in the relevant Programme for life.

The 2 programmes that UKA runs are separate and results from 1 programme have no effect on the other programme.

If an owner has a second dog, and their first dog has already progressed from Beginners, the second dog can still begin its’ own programme at Beginners level.

Any new dogs begin in the beginner level.

UKA has done extensive research into design and layout in regard to fair and safe course difficulties and fair yet challenging rates of travel that allow the opportunity for all dogs that have been well trained to achieve a level of success.


Junior handlers get free membership until 16 years of age.

Juniors who run in standard UKA classes will gain points towards the Junior League.  The top ten in each height will qualify for the Junior Masters event held at the Grand Finals. The age cut off for junior handlers is specified in the Junior Masters rules published each year.

UKA states in its mission statement that it wishes to promote high standards in judging. With this in mind, all judges that judge for us are required to take a judging assessment every five years.

If you have any questions about our shows, your entries, results or any other queries about UKA please contact –


To ensure maximum amount of runs are provided per dog, UKA shows may have a capping level applied depending on the show space and other conditions that may affect the number of runs per dog.

The opening date allows entries to be taken in as fair a way as possible taking into account the capping rules. All competitors know when entries are open and therefore everyone is on an equal footing.

Unfortunately if this occurs, UKA rules and regulations state that your entry will not be accepted and will be returned. This is because there is no other fair way to run the capping level. Please note, if you use a registered postal service, it must not be a service that requires a signature.

Exceptions to the capping limit would be made in these instances only.