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Measuring & Heights

If you want to run at Standard, Midi or Toy height your dog must have an official UKA measurement at or before their first competition. Dogs running at Maxi height do not need to be measured. You may run your Standard dog at Maxi if you would prefer, and may change daily. You may run Maxi in Performance, for example, and Standard in Steeplechase on any one day, or vice versa.

If your dog is under 2 years old when it has its first measure, it will require a second measure when it reaches two years of age.

What if I do not know my dogs’ height when entering my first show?

Competitors should enter the class for which they believe their dog to be eligible. Once at the show the dog should be measured at the first available opportunity. To measure your dog a UKA official measurer will have the dog placed in a standing position on a flat surface such as a table. The measurement is taken from the perpendicular line from the top of the dog’s withers to the flat surface. You will be able to transfer to the correct class, if you have entered under the wrong jump height.

How old must my dog be at its first measure?

Your dog must be at least 15 months of age.

Can I run a higher jump height than my dog measures? If so, can I later choose to move my dog back down to their measured height?

You may always jump higher than your dog’s measured height. If you change height in either direction your results still stand.