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Update on forthcoming shows:

Agility Antics - 1st Nov. The show manager has let us know that due to uncertainty whether they are able to hire the venue (due to it being a college) plus increasing infection rates and further COVID restrictions, they have made the decision to cancel this show. The December and February shows remain in the diary at present.

Cotswold Christmas Chase - 19th December. This show has been cancelled.
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Thank you so much for the Home Shows - they have given me a reason to keep training my dogs and not lapse into inactivity!

Its very sad but uncertain times, I think they are very wise

Grand Finals 2020 UPDATE

We have a venue booked for 3rd January 2021, with an initial plan to run the finals under COVID compliant restrictions. At this stage providing Government restrictions allow up to 30 people in an indoor building, we believe we will be able to run the finals providing the entry is sufficient for the event to not run at a loss.

MORE DETAILS WILL BE RELEASED SHORTLY. Please be PATIENT whilst we work out the logistics and we will announce as soon as we have more concrete details.

Entry will be in October so please make sure you follow the UK Agility FB page to see how to enter.

Qualification for this year’s finals will finish on 5th October. Please see the Home Shows schedule for details of what you need to achieve to qualify
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Ila Bayliss

Anne Tordoff Martha Potts

Well done for all your hard work in trying to get this sorted out.

Yay, thank you for keeping on trying😊

Fantastic news - thanks for sorting so quickly.

Wow fantastic news 👏 thank you!!!!

Where is the new venue please?

Great news

Oh look Sarah Bowyer good luck in the final 💪💪💪👏👏👏


Good news! Looking forward to it

Sam Sanderson

Good news guys !! Helaina!

Nicola Wildman

Amanda Hampson

Lesley Spain

Charlotte Cox Theresa Mannion

Trish Piggin

Well done Greg and team for trying to arrange something, people was to quick to judge on previous post with negative comments. The situation is changing so rapidly though whose to say 30 will be allowable in Jan, well done for trying though and keeping fingers crossed

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Grand Finals 2020 Cancelled

Unfortunately, due to the continuing uncertainty with COVID-19, Addington Equestrian Centre have informed us that they will not be reopening until January 2021. We therefore have no choice but to cancel this year’s Grand Finals. In addition, Government restrictions are still in place where you cannot have more than 30 people attend an event at one time. This would also make the Grand Finals format impossible to run at this current time.

We do however have ideas for those that have qualified to be able to enter and run in the finals they have qualified for, in a COVID compliant way at an alternative venue later this winter

Please bear with us whilst we look into this further. We hope to make an announcement on this shortly.
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It’s a shame to see so many negative comments on this.From day one we all knew there’s a good chance this might not happen.Ppl are forgetting uka have a duty of care to there staff and volunteers some of which are in the vulnerable age group so if it can’t happen safely then it shouldn’t happen.Ps sorry to single you out greg on the age thing stay save x😂😂😂

Sad to see negative comments about this , it was always going to be uncertain and even the Uka aren't above government rules and regulations, suck it up and move on folks , everyone has suffered disappointment this year due to Covid , and there is a possible solution being looked into .

Please all read the 2nd part of the post! We do however have ideas for those that have qualified to be able to enter and run in the finals they have qualified for, in a COVID compliant way at an alternative venue later this winter Please bear with us whilst we look into this further. We hope to make an announcement on this shortly.

More than a little shocked that any unsupportive comments have been posted in response to this. I am convinced that UKA have looked at every option available and are equally a business trying to survive in unprecedented times. Have some consideration, compassion and thought people before slating what, I am sure,has been, and continues to be, a stressful and difficult situation. If you can’t say anything nice, then perhaps don’t say anything at all.

Look forward to hearing of the other options. Personally the at home shows were of great benefit, and it was very clear from day one where we stood in terms of grand finals and them not being rolled forward to 2021 qualification. Running events is a logistical nightmare atm with a great deal of responsibility involved from the organisers. Thank you for trying.

Although disappointed. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Home challenge which have taken people's time and effort. So a big thank you.

Sorry to hear this. Thanks for keeping us informed and for all your efforts to keep agility available for us throughout the summer.

Such a shame about the negative comments fully understand issues

Very sad, but it is the right thing to do considering everything!! Well done team UKA!

So disappointing but chuffed to bits that there is still hope. Having said that, we've always known there was only a slim chance of it taking place and I think it's great that you're still even trying. Have really enjoyed the home shows too. Thank you to everyone involved at UKA, you're doing a great job in incredibly challenging circumstances. Can't wait for next season.

I feel for you at UKA Headquarters it’s dammed if you do dammed if you don’t. 🤷‍♀️🙄 ....... AND you haven’t actually said people WILL NOT be able to run in a final yet and you are still considering ideas!

So right you put competitors safety first would be keen to support UKA Covid compliant shows Up north Steven Jackie Richardson

Have enjoyed the Home Shows, knew that The Finals may or may not happen, not a problem haven't read the negative comments but can't believe how selfish people are. Well done for keeping us going through the summer 😊

Such a shame for all involved. I didn't enter many of the shows at home simply because I didn't have enough space at the time to set anything but the smallest course (and it takes me forever to set out a course 🙈) but kudos to UK Agility for making the effort to organise them. I know a number of people who have really enjoyed running the courses at home. We're all missing out this year, we're all stressed but there's no point in blaming the organisers for not being able to host an event which they said all along might not happen! Fingers crossed we all make it through this and see UKA shows on the other side - hopefully sooner rather than later 😊

Such a shame, though kinda expected. I'm just extremely glad you're looking for an alternative for those qualified. I didn't even expect that myself so this is a possible positivity to me 🙂 Thanks for all your hard work guys! Home shows have been more a great experience for me to get my youngster on different courses with the added bonus of points for clears, without the pressure of the full show environment yet. They've certainly had their place for me! 🙂

That’s a shame guys, sorry to all involved I know how much organisation this takes and take my hat off to you. Looking forward to the potential of our great competitions 2021 x

Sorry to see this Greg Derrett and team. Fingers crossed something will come together but let's face it, it's not the biggest casualty of Covid x

Well done sad to see these negative comments, like Greg and the UKA team could just override the virus and venue ruling? I would just be appreciative you had the opportunity to run the courses and with a possible BONUS of the finals that was unfortunately not to be. No one was forced to spend their money on these classes... Once again well done UK Agility for trying to offer something as an alternative too, I cant begin to imagine how stressful this is for show organisers

The Grange in Okehampton is open so you might be able to book something there for those who did qualify

Sorry to hear this for everyone who qualified are you planning to also look at Covid compliant UKA shows ?

Helaina waste of money then 🙄

I know you have tried so hard to make this work. These are unprecedented times and you will always get so called experts who think they know better. Hopefully you can see from all the positive comments that you have lots of support. One day this will all just be a dim and distant memory. Well done for making the decision, and I look forward to one day being able to compete again

Greg Derrett Totally right decision with everything going on and keeping everyone safe. We will all be back next year stronger than ever 😊❤️ xxx

Shame for you guys but they will be back next year, well done for giving people something to do over the last few months. 🙂

Whilst this is not unexpected, really hope those that qualified can carry that forward to next year if no finals can be rearranged at a later date . Daughter and her dog worked so hard to qualify , it would be gutting if it was all for nothing .

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UKA At Home Shows - Week 8

Our guest course designer for the week 8 shows (running from 24th - 27th July) is Lee Gibson.

Lee is one of the most popular judges worldwide with his judging CV covering 35+ countries and many of the biggest events, including previous US Open judge and the 2020 WAO judge (now rescheduled to 2021). Lee is renowned for his passion for judging and improving this aspect of our sport, travelling the world teaching the Global Judging Program.

The schedule will be released later today.
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UKA At Home Shows - Week 7

Our guest course designer for the Open shows for Week 7 is Tamás Tráj

Tamás needs little introduction to anyone who has followed Agility judging and course design the past few years. With a reputation as one of the leading judges from Europe, his CV includes pretty much every event in the FCI Calendar as well as many major events world wide.

The schedule will be released later today.
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Can it be Vanilla Fudge the week after please, that’s my fave?

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