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UK Agility Press release on 1st March 2021.

UKA is pleased to announce that April shows will be running!

UKA Easter entries will go live at 18.00 on Friday 5th March.
GT April entries will go live at 18.00 on Monday 8th March.

Each day is limited to 192 dogs on a first come first served basis, with fees required to secure your place within 24 hours of making the entry.

For full details of each show, please visit
and download the schedule.
Please remember to login UK Agility - Members and check all your account details are correct before the opening date. Please email the office with any issues on

We will make an announcement on the other scheduled shows as soon as local councils approve their paperwork.

We can confirm that the following Heats and Finals will run in 2021.
- The South West Agility Goods Beginners Steeplechase
- The CSJ Grand Prix
- The Canine Conditioning Academy Masters Series
- The Dogeria Performance Challenge
- The Clear Qs Games Challenge
- The Junior Masters Sponsored by Agility for Juniors, qualification for the final through the Junior league table

Due to COVID implications we have decided not to run the Agility World Team Tournament, DOG StreamZ Splits Pairs or Norton Circular KO in 2021

Full details of the heats can be found
We would like to that our sponsors for their continued support.

Specifically in regard to the UKA shows being held at Dowty’s, Tewkesbury Borough Council have confirmed that the Event Safety Management Plan and all 7 associated documents detailing the various COVID compliant procedures to run these events after Step 1 on 29th March, comply with running.

An Outdoor event, organised by a business that complies with COVID-Secure guidance including taking reasonable steps to limit the risk of transmission. With our completed related risk assessments we are ensuring those attending do not mix beyond what is permitted by the social contact limits and that the appropriate steps are being taken to make it COVID-Secure in line with the law.

Please keep a close eye on this page regarding future shows and changes that will occur as the country progresses through the planned roadmap.

We look forward to welcoming you back to competitions in April!
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Yessss there is hope 😁❤️ so excited I can get my young dog to your shows!

Do we enter via the new show processor. The schedule says to enter via the normal UKA website but I presume there has to be a link to the show processor so that we can use funds already in our wallet?

Wow awesome job uka, appreciate all the hoops you have had to jump through to give us what we love.

Just signed into my UKA and this come up when I press shows. Is this right or do I need to update anything?


Sorry have read the schedule and rules 🙈 Can you not have one dog in say group 1 and then a second dog in group 2 if they run at different heights. I understand if they are the same height they need to be in same group. or would it mean coming separate days

Brilliant 👌👌👌👌

No pairs😢

Can I ask if there is measuring at this show please?

Sorry to bother! Will their be areas to “tie” dogs up in the pre course waiting area.. I know you mentioned crates but I don’t have one so want to check before I purchase one 🙂

Whoop whoop 🥳🥳

Exciting 🤗

😃 😊 ⭐️

Nicholas Philip

Very exciting. Well done to Uka. Top job

Jenna Wells

Will there be a practice ring? I’d like to run one of mine and use practice ring for another (as he hasn’t been to a show before), but understand if this is not possible at the moment...☺️

Elizabeth Hill

Can I ask what are the 4 runs?, agility, Jumping, steeplechase and games or agility, Jumping and 2 steeplechases?

Exciting! Do you know how much runs will cost?

Good news

Lyndsey McDonald

This is great 👌😊

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UK Agility Shows from April 1st 2021.
Update as of 25th February 2021 at 18.20

We are still planning to run shows in April as per the UK Agility Show Diary, Show Diary | UK Agility

The April and May dates will be shows that run under strict COVID compliant rules, with all procedures and paperwork approved by the relevant local councils. Heats for the 2021 Grand Finals will happen from April 1st and these details will be published on approval of the April events.

We currently have a large amount of paperwork submitted for approval with the local councils. This includes: Event COVID Procedures, COVID Risk Analysis, Competitor COVID declaration forms, Site plans and One way system plans, as well as the normal risk assessment documents for a normal event. The Council Safety Advisory Group (SAG) for the Cheltenham events have been in possession of this paperwork for 14 days and initial approval has been given both prior to and subject to the new road map. At the time of writing, local councils are still waiting for Government to supply exact guidance to go with the published road map, so are unable to confirm the events can run just yet. We are hoping for confirmation within the next few days.

We are extremely confident that we will gain permission and will announce full details of the shows, Grand Finals heats diary and 2021 heat rules as soon as our procedures are approved. Please bear with us as we wait for this council approval and rest assured we will announce as soon as we have definitive plans. In the meantime, to give you some idea of what the procedures and risk assessments we will implement will mean for you, here is a very brief outline;

• Maximum numbers of dogs per day is 192 at Easter, GT & Lydiard. At K9 Brats show the maximum number of dogs is 48. All levels and all heights will be catered for with 4 runs per dog.
• Competitors will be assigned to a 2 hour window where they will be in groups of 6 dogs (Maximum of 6 people.)
• Competitors will rotate around the 4 rings, walking all 4 courses on arrival and then running the 4 courses. (K9 Brats will be 2 rings).
• You may enter multiple dogs, although due to the time frame you will want to consider this carefully as all your dogs will be in the same group of 6.
• Competitors will be temperature tested on arrival before they exit their vehicles and must sign a COVID declaration form.
• Only competitors and event staff will be allowed on site.
• The whole site, walkways to and from car park, and around the competition rings, will have one way systems in place.
• Groups will be assigned their own portaloo which will be thoroughly cleaned between each group
• Face masks must be worn at all times on site, except when you are actually running your dog
• Social distancing must be adhered to at all times and within your group of 6.
• There will not be camping at any events before April 12th. Events after this date might be able to offer camping subject to local Council approval.

We do appreciate that other events might already have been announced, including training days, that perhaps do not have full Council approval and are not following such strict procedures. We however, feel that as an organisation we should be only running events responsibly, under the Government guidance and ensuring that we will not be shut down during the event for not gaining approval prior to running.

These shows will be different but we do hope it will allow competitors to start competing again and if the road map goes to plan then perhaps by late summer we will see shows similar to what we are used to.

Please follow this page to ensure you see further updates and show entry opening dates. 192 dogs a day might fill very fast! 48 could fill even quicker!
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Sarah Gold

Carol Bird Karen Johnson Nicola Green

Thank you Greg for all the impressive planning and hard work x

Fingers crossed!! Thanks for the huge amount of work you must have put in already to get this far x

Just wondering how Champ and Beginner dogs will run in the same group of 6 if we have one of each? Shame about no camping which probably rules me out of entering but great to see you’re doing your best to get shows running. Thank you 👍🏼

Thank you so much for the update. Fingers crossed we manage to get an entry 🤞

Yes I have same challenge - 1 is novice the other champ. This is fab news and I look forward to more info. As someone that’s responsible for Covid management in the workplace I understand the challenges you face, so thank you 😊

Us Scottish folk can't travel to England 😪

Thank you for the update. Fingers crossed. I appreciate all the hard work that you have been doing.

Great to read this Greg Derrett . Wonderful to see your professionalism showing through in the thoroughness with which you are preparing to get things running again with all of the appropriate approvals applied for. Thank you

Are you able to give two people the same times, as I’d be travelling with some else, as I’m under 18.

Greg Derrett , when you are able to offer camping , which will be great , could it be possible to offer different time slots for people with multiple dogs as they will still be on site?

Do you have to enter all 4 courses if you wish to attend? I presume the dogs would be running all 4 courses back to back.

Thank-you....what happens re Track and Trace if someone tests positive after being at a show...would it effect the people In your 2 hour window or everyone at the show?

Will you offer any measuring for young dogs to enter?

JosetteMike Hibbert xxx

When camping is allowed, will it still be restricted to 1 person attending?

Thank you for updating us and for all your hard work xx

Can you remind me which link we need to enter these shows ... thanks

When can I enter?!

Eleanor Warren uka Easter

What will be the situation for nervous dogs as I was planning to not que and have someone at the finish ?

Thank you so much for the update and hard work put in

Are under 18s allowed a parent with them?

Stephen Doyle

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Pre entries close tonight! Details of the qualification process for the 4th spot in Team England 2021 as well as the Junior 500 spot place are in the schedule. ... See MoreSee Less

WAO Junior Opportunity ... See MoreSee Less

Pre entries close tonight, dont forget to get your entry in by 23.59 😁 ... See MoreSee Less

Information on the Five heights and equipment details. ... See MoreSee Less

UK Agility Press Release. 11th February 2021

From April 2021, UKA will be moving to FIVE Regular jump heights

250mm for dogs 320mm & under
300mm for dogs 380mm & under
400mm for dogs 440mm & under
500mm for dogs 500mm & under
600mm for dogs Over 500mm

We will also be keeping the Select height option, allowing all handlers to choose to jump their dogs one height lower in the Select height. 250 Select dogs will be jumping 200mm.

The past year has allowed us to review our current four heights and look at a more progressive approach to the height categories. UKA's goal is to welcome and encourage all sizes of dogs to compete against dogs of similar sizes, on equal terms. It is 18 years since we introduced a 4th height into the UK and the sport has changed drastically since that time with 5 heights (or more) now regularly seen throughout the world of agility.

We hope the new approach will offer lower heights for many dogs, reduce the size ranges in each height division and return UKA to being an alternative to other agility events.

We believe the vast majority of dogs are in a height range from 260mm to 560mm. Moving to 5 height categories achieves an equal split of approximately 60mm in each jump height, with the distribution far more balanced, allowing all dogs to compete against those of a comparable size. This 60mm height range is going to offer a more level playing field, compared to the previous & alternative jump heights where you could see a 100mm - 120mm difference in a category.

With previous height cut offs we felt there was still an issue for the smaller breeds, in regard to not only the jump height but also the size range. Is it really fair for a 260mm dog to compete against a dog 40% taller, for example? An introduction of a smaller height bracket, for dogs 320mm and under, will help to encourage those smaller breeds that have never really been catered for in British Agility.

There are the exceptions at each end of the range but we believe a 230mm dog (e.g. a small Papillion) can now safely and competitively jump 250mm, and a dog over 560 (e.g. a large Malinois) will still be competitive over 600. We all know a dog measuring 500 can win against its much larger competitors.

When considering the lowest jump height we wanted to ensure that all equipment could continue to be used (breakaway tyre, wall, spread & long jump), as they are important elements that contribute to the tests in dog agility. With a 250mm jump height we achieve this and still enable a 200mm dog to compete nationally without being expected to jump more than 125% its height.

The UKA rule book has been updated and published on our web page. We have also published a new feature where you can set your entry preferences, including the type of classes you wish to enter, the height for your specific dogs, postage, helping and camping options. These will be your default settings but can be changed or overridden at any point. Please login to your UKA account, check your dog’s details and set your preferences. We would encourage you to look at this new feature and check your account details during this current period of time with no shows so that your account is ready and any issues resolved for when shows hopefully begin later this year. If you have any issues please contact the office by email,
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Comment on Facebook

This will be great for my 20cm Dizzy as she won't have to compete against dogs almost double her height 💕

Sounds like a brilliant decision, no change for my two but I’m perfectly happy with that

Bout time they did this, got my small dog competing against dogs that were massive compared to her 🙂 great decision

Yay! Give my chihuahuas a fighting chance ☺️

Oh yay - by the time all his is over my tiny boy will be 12 and I didn't think he'd see another show....he might be able to keep going a bit longer now 🙂

Thank you!!! Brilliant news. Looking forward to supporting the shows as soon as they can start again

Victoria Emerson perfect for Teddy. Uka have quite a few shows Cheltenham way. X

Absolutely amazing, so pleased, as the owner of a toy breed this is fantastic xx

Louise Crone

Brilliant. A better future for my little one. Thank you so much. Xxxx

Wow 🤩 that is amazing thank you so much! Makes competing a possibility for tiny Eevee and a greater longevity for Raine who will also measure into the smallest category! Would have been wonderful for Skye my previous chihuahua who has sadly passed on #teamflyinghamster #eeveechihuahua

Really hoping we can get a show in under select height before we really have to retire 🤞

Slightly concerned I may have to run faster 😂😂 Thank you guys, this is awesome news for those of us with trip hazards 👏👏👏

Will dogs be automatically be moved to the new height if they change or will we need to get a remeasure?

Super , well done UKA 🙂🐾

Well done Uka. Samantha Hinton you can run little Poppy xxxx

Fantastic. Well done UKA on leading the way as usual x

Love love love this news ❤


Bravo 👏👏👏

Could you have a dog remeasured if they fall 1mm over the 380mm Small height

Perfect for Idiot Dog <3

Fantastic News thank you.

Brilliant, thank you🐾

Just noticed this means small dogs will be competing against medium ones? So some dogs will be jumping different heights at KC and UKA?

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