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Why UKA?

There are so many reasons why over 14,000 competitors have chosen to compete at UKA shows. Look below to see just a few…

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Join UKA
Here’s our favourite 28 reasons why 14,000+ competitors have chosen UK Agility…
New to UKA? Our Satisfaction Guarantee assures you of a full refund of your Registration Fee if you're not 100% happy with your Membership.
Enter all shows online, without charge, and with a single show processor.
A £6 dog registration includes all measuring, online entry processing and online results for life.
No need to pre-enter - you can pay on the day.
When you do pre-enter there’s a shorter processing time, so a later commitment point for you.
Every dog, at every level, is guaranteed at least 4 runs per day at most UKA shows.
4 levels, never combined, so you always compete against your peers on courses designed specifically with your abilities in mind.
Progress up the levels through points in two Programmes: Performance (Agility, Jumping and Games) and Steeplechase.
Next day move up rules means no waiting to continue with progression so no wasting entry money on runs that “don’t count”.
All dogs start in Beginners, no matter what level the handler has achieved, so that young, inexperienced dogs can start competing on simple, flowing courses.
Nursery and Casual classes available at ALL shows for young, inexperienced, older or recovering dogs.
Dogs may start competing at 16 months in Nursery and Steeplechase.
Puppies of any age welcome at all shows.
5 regular jump heights at 600mm, 500mm, 400mm, 300mm and 250mm. 5 Select jump heights at 500mm, 400mm, 300mm, 250mm and 250mm
All dogs measured with calibrated measure to give exact height in mm.
UKA Members may dispute their dogs' measurements if required.
Train in the ring. Take the whole course time to train your dog on your choice of sequence or equipment whilst rewarding with a non-food and non-audible toy.
UKAs computerised scoring system at every show. Live results ringside and online. Results sent to Show Secretary as soon as class closes. Check your results on your online account..
Never miss a run again! Book in prior to class starting and ring won’t close until you arrive. The scoring system knows if you are queuing or running in another ring.
All judges’ course plans checked by UKA to ensure compliance to rules and suitability for level.
No judging of “up” contacts so dogs with longer stride not discriminated against.
Standard equipment at all shows. Rubber contacts are a UKA rule.
Minimum (5m) and maximum (8m*) distances based on dog’s path – not straight line – testing handling skills rather than running skills!
UKs most proactive organisation regarding dogs safety. First to ban collapsible tunnel and introduce breakaway tyre. Choice of 5 appropriate jump heights for all dogs.
Games classes, which enable handlers to test their partnership and strategy skills as well as their agility ability.
Qualifiers for prestigious Grand Finals for all levels, from Beginners to Champ.
Prize money for Masters Series.
Opportunity to compete internationally in the World Agility Open via Masters Series qualification.
Join UKA
Join UKA